Mensagem de Natal por Il Divo

Il Divo deixou uma mensagem de Natal para os fãs em que cada um –  Carlos, David, Sébastien e Urs – recorda um Natal inesquecível. Todos relembraram uma data na infância, que é um período em que esta comemoração é muito marcante.

My  favourite memory of Christmas was with my great grandmother  Mémé Denise, where all the family was united at once. We would be all together and all of my cousin from my mother’s side (15) would be here admiring the Christmas tree and watching a little of the TV programs which were always magical.                  

My favourite memory of Christmas (and I have a lot, because I love Christmas time, so it’s  quite hard to choose one…) is when I was a little boy, I do  not remember exactly what age, but we had a lot of snow that  winter in our little village in Switzerland. And it was cold.  So cold that the snow, even in the roads hadn’t melted, but  was all white and compact, so that the whole village,   surrounded by the wooded hills, truly looked like a winter wonderland.

My favourite Christmas  memory was of driving 3 days across the US to surprise my  grandparents when I was 8. We sang Christmas carols the whole way.

Sitting in bed waiting for Santa with anticipation. I was 7 years old and still believed that Santa Claus was a real live person. Of course,  you had to always believe or he wouldn’t come to visit you!!!  And you had to be good all year round because he was watching…I could never guarantee that part, so I would put  out extra cookies to help my cause!

Merry Christmas from Il Divo


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