Urs Buhler e Kelly Phelan – romance no oeste













Agora é praticamente oficial.
As postagens de Kelly Phelan, via Twitter, deixam claro: ela e Urs Buhler estão namorando.
As fotos não mentem!
Felicidades ao casal!!


19 pensamentos sobre “Urs Buhler e Kelly Phelan – romance no oeste

  1. Urs has a lot of fun with another woman and Erika while he is in Europa. If he think that all this thing with Kelly is serious, he would take her with him in France to live with her. We will see. Time will show. Kelly took pics with her Mobil phone and put on twitter to make sure all the world that Urs is with her, but I’m not sure that Urs think the same. She is only one of the many girls he has. In every continent. I have some pics with another girls but I don’t know haw to put on the blog.

  2. You said something interesting: Urs is mimetic in his relationships. Mysterious and chameleonic, his personality fascinates.

  3. More worrying are their messages disclosed on twitter of all parties. Kelly is sustained by Sara Joy and Izambards lean more to Tania. All posts are implied, sometime reprimand. This is not good at all

  4. Urs parece apaixonado e está curtindo as redes sociais. Suponho que se ele era realmente casado, que se separou, e agora pode aparecer ao lado da namorada.
    E Urs também deve fazer dieta alimentar. Pessoas apaixonadas comem demais e acabam engordando!
    Urs seems passionate and is enjoying social networks. I suppose if he was actually married, they broke up, and now may appear next to the girlfriend.
    And Urs should also make diet. Passionate people overeat and end up gaining weight!

    • Kelly hepls him to burn calories 🙂
      He wants to show us he is ok and very dedicated. Probably from now on we will not have such a private Urs as in the past

      • Urs has changed a lot. This is the fact.
        As the excess calories, you’re right.
        Kelly is athletic and will put Urs in good shape.;)

      • I think that Kelly wants to show that Urs ih happy with her. He’s never say a ward about it. He’s never say that he is officially in relationship with Kelly. He has a good time that is for sure, but is that so serious, we don’t know. Time will show.

  5. Não que eu tenha alguma coisa com isso, mas não deixa de ser estranho todas estas fotos, quando Urs nunca aparecia nem queria falar da mãe do filho dele…

    • It’s strange for Urs not to say anything. If they are couple, o.k. Then say it loud, and put her name on official site il divo like your partner. When I’m in love, I want everybody to knows that. Maybe he has only a lot of fun, and he doesn’t want to change anything for now. We will see.

      • Il Divo por Lú Ribeiro - Carlos Marin, David Miller, Sébastien Izambard e Urs Bühler

        Maybe Urs is all “wrapped up”, as we say in Brazil.That is, an undefined situation.

    • Talvez Urs esteja “enrolado”. LOL

      • do you mean ” pessoa tola” ? I think he lend character of his women. When the violonist has gelos, he was far away of women, when the former was unsociable and unfriendly, he was doing the same. Now when he has something emancipated he is doing the same. Lucky he was sleeping on that couch, otherwise we should had something XXX. 🙂 🙂

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