Il Divo encerra turnê mundial de 2012

Il Divo encerrou, na Guatemala, em 28 de Outubro, a turnê mundial de 2012.

O site do grupo e os rapazes, individualmente, deixaram mensagens agradecendo aos fãs.

Parabéns ao Il Divo pela extensa turnê!

Os fãs agradecem a boa música que o grupo lhes oferece.

Work tour 2012…
por Sebastien Izambard, segunda, 29 de outubro de 2012 às 13:39 ·
Who likes when all good things turn to an end ? No one but i guess, they have to have an end so that you can re appreciate them. It is though, a happy ending ! What a wonderful journey this tour has been. So many places around the world that we had been lucky to visit. Which artists nowadays with the economies difficulties is given the chance to do have a world tour and on that scale. It might get really boring to hear me repeating myself on the same topic but without you Il Divo is nothing. You make of all this possible and we make sure we give you our all when the chance is offered to us but also the respect and love back at you. On behalf of il divo we want to thank you from the deepest of our heart for this world tour 2012. Now heading to promote our next record the greatest hits and getting ready for the greatest hits tour… Why would we stop when our carrier is so good ? Love to you all. Seb x
“Muchas gracias por este Tour Fantastico ha sido un verdadero placer…Thanks for this Fantastic Tour it has been amzaing”. Carlos Marín.
Obrigada, Il Divo!

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