Urs Buhler e Kelly Phelan

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A norte-americana Kelly Phelan, ginasta e performer do show aquático Le Rêve, em Las Vegas, tem publicado fotos em suas contas no Facebook e no Twitter, mostrando sua intimidade com Urs Buhler.
Como é sabido pelos fãs, o divo suíco sempre foi muito discreto quanto à sua vida íntima.
Kelly, pelo visto, é extrovertida e não tem medo de exposição, fazendo questão de compartilhar com o público os detalhes de seu relacionamento com Urs.
As postagens deixam explícito o relacionamento entre Urs e Kelly, mas estão longe de colocar um ponto final nas especulações sobre a vida amorosa do divo suíco.
Até pouco tempo atrás, as matérias publicadas na mídia invariavelmente faziam menção à ex-maquiadora do Il Divo, Tania Rodney, como sendo mulher de Urs, e também que ambos são pais de uma menina, Billie.
Urs Buhler até agora não se manifestou sobre seu suposto namoro com Kelly Phelan ou sobre qualquer outro assunto de sua vida amorosa.


36 pensamentos sobre “Urs Buhler e Kelly Phelan

  1. hola urs como estas yo estoy muy bien gracias solo quería mandar este mensaje para felicitarlos en su matrimonio les deseo
    que sean muy felices ya que tu y yo no pudimos serlo quiero que tu lo seas.

  2. I don’t see any pics for Chirstmas eve. this year of Urs and Kelly. No comments on twitter or pics on Kelly’s instagra? No words from Kelly ???????? She usually likes to show how beautiful their relationship is, but this time no words or pics about it for Christmas? For now???????

    • Dear,
      I read an article in which Urs said he would spend Christmas with his family. Last year he said the same thing, but appeared in photos with Kelly in Las Vegas. Urs not like to give explanations about any personal matter. Therefore, we have to believe what the media published.
      Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. pour quelqu’un qui n’aime pas parler de sa vie privée, URS a tout faux, il s’expose partout avec KELLY, je pense que c’est un faux couple et URS, je pense que c’est une homme qui aime les femmes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Urs nunca aparece cm a Tania algum sinal há pr isso ele tem mais affairs kelly é bonita simpatica ele tem direito a ser feliz deixem no viver,pq ele agora esta mais solto mais feliz

  5. La verdad, me parece que esa chica quiere fama, no es nadie… Lo usa y él… Crisis de los 40???? No me gusta esta exposición. Fotos en un sillón casi desnudos … Urs con lo cuidados que siempre están…. NO me gusta ni de él de e ninguno, hagan lo que quieran… en privado.

  6. Lù: lo que mas deseamos es ver felices a nuestros Divos, pero considerando el hecho de que Urs siempre fue una persona muy cuidadosa con su vida privada,( y las personas asi no cambian de un dia para el otro por mas enamoradas que esten) no se explica que se haya expuesto de esa manera y con fotos tan intimas,tan personales.
    Yo creo que si de verdad tuvieron o tienen algun tipo de relaciòn,ella hubiera respetado el deseo de privacidad que siempre Urs demostrò y no lo hubiera expuesto de esa manera.
    Da para pensar que lo utilizò para tener sus 5 minutos de fama,tal vez no sea asi,pero para mì fue algo totalmente fuera de lugar,porque la vida de cada uno de los integrantes de IL DIVO siempre estuvo y estarà expuesta a la opinion pùblica.Les guste o no,son personas publicas y tienen que cuidar su imagen y tambien respetar a sus familias y a todas las personas que de una u otra los forma ayudaron a llegar al sitio en el que hoy estan disfrutando.
    Muchas gracias por mantenernos informadas!!! saludos y èxitos :)))

    • Vera, you’re right!
      I read all the comments from fans here and they expose the situation in a more comprehensive and inclusive manner. Many questions remained unanswered:
      Why someone so zealous as Urs would have allowed pictures of his private life were published?
      If Urs is with Kelly – or another – why he has not confirmed the separation and that he is no longer married? This situation was obscure to the public and only generates speculation.
      Why Kelly removed the photos as if was she secure when published them? She was advised to do so by whom? Why?
      Did Urs authorize or not her to publish the photos?
      After all, Urs and Kelly are dating or not?
      I thank you for honoring my blog.

      • Urs ao que dão a entender não é mesmo casado com Tânia por isso é livre,filho tambem não prende ninguém,ele agora já se vê com cara feliz,a make-up foi um escape,mas,felicidade e amor nunca houve,só desejo vê-lo feliz

  7. HI, well I am happy because Urs seems happy but I dont know what he thinks about these photos in my personal opinion there are some very private, besides he always is Mr. serious private man live . anyways I hope these things dont damage his relationship. greetings from Colombia (sorry if my English is not enough good)

  8. It always was a bit of uncertain related to him. I remember how difficult he publically accepted this relation-ship and the baby. I remembered it was many months later. The fact that he ever talked late about this relation-ship, after people commented and supposed a lot, it shows more he never was comfortable with the relation-ship that he is a really private person. It is like he was forced to say something nice because this was the expectation. He just answered to curiosity of fans, never did confession from his hart that he feels what is saying.
    I do not think he is married, he never has been explicit, but only some Swiss interviews, thinking maybe few people will be able to read it. Partner is a social partner in cohabitation without contract, but not what we understand as traditionally wife as a term.
    It is obviously proved that he more dislike to talk about than he is real private man. I know by experience that a relation-ship based on obligation may destroy you. Sometimes is better to lose your honor than lose your hart. I hope people will not judge him to rude.

  9. I’m so glad that everyone is happy for Urs, because Urs is happy……lets not worry about his poor baby Billy who may grow up to find all these photos of her Father with other women interesting ? sickening ? shameful?

    • Dear,
      You are right. Urs is not obliged to give satisfaction about his private life, but I think he should reflect a bit about the exhibition that pictures may cause in his life and that of others. Or else, all this was done on purpose? Why? There are many unanswered questions.

  10. se le ve muy feliz, y enamorado, también xq a expuesto su nueva vida junto a esta chica muy hermoza por cierto… QUE SEA MUY FELIZ….. Y K PENA K LLEGUÉ MUY TARDE , jajjaa 😀

  11. Just for the record Urs has been happy with a new sparkle in his eyes since Nov 2011 when they performed at the Grove. That is when the new and improved Urs debuted. This girl has only be on the scene since July. Maybe corresponding since April ish. So she is not the reason for his change. Apparently freedom was. 🙂 And let’s not forget we haven’t heard from Urs himself. So that speaks volumes doesn’t it.

    • Dear,

      You spoke well. Freedom is something that is very valuable to any person. Urs is free and happy. I just see his happiness on his face when I was in Buenos Aires and I greeted him at the M & G. Smiling from ear to ear. As we often say here, when someone expresses great joy, we talk like this: will he saw a green bird? Now, in a riveting soap opera as we await the scenes of the next chapter.
      Divas, kisses.

  12. Don’t you see how happy Urs is…there is a new sparkle in his eyes. Get over it and move on. Everyone deserves some joy and love in their lives. I’m sure if he didn’t like this, he would say something.

    • Dear divas,

      I really have no doubt that Urs is happy. And, sure, he authorized Kelly to publish the photos.
      I make it clear that I respect Urs unconditionally in all choices.
      I do not agree with the criticism of his loving choices, including as to Tania. I read very prejudiced criticism, including as regards Tania not be pretty and be old. I remember we all will age and beauty is fleeting! People do not lose their value because they are ugly or old. This is a critical and judgmental criticism totally disrespectful towards elders. Here in Brazil we say: old pot is what makes good food!

      • I think that Urs is the right person to say who is his steady girlfriend. It is not a good way to say the world that you are in love with someone by putting your photo with loving person and you in bed. That is too private and not for eyes of rest of the world. It’s bad taste. You can find so many better ways to say that you are in love. So Urs has to know that.
        Something is happened because all photos from Facebook are deleted last weekend, and she doesn’t put any photos and comments on tweeter anymore. So somebody told her not to do it anymore. Maybe Urs, maybe some who takes care about image of whole group Il Divo.

      • And one more thing. If he is so happy with Kelly, why he likes to go out with Erika? Maybe he likes to have a fun with more then one girl. And he didn’t change in his bio in Official site of Il divo name of his partner. Still write that is Tania Rodney

        Urs Buhler
        Born: 19th July 1971, Willisau (Luzern)
        Star Sign: Cancer
        Home: Luzern, Switzerland
        Voice: Tenor
        Eyes: Hazel/grey
        Height: c.5’10” (178cm)
        Siblings: One brother & three sisters.
        Partner: Tania Rodney.

      • Dear,
        You’re right in what you say. Photos in the media show that Urs was with Erica recently. Moreover, if Kelly has a relationship with Urs, why did expose the privacy this way? Did she remove the photos and why? Was she advised to do so? The photos were placed on purpose. She knows that Urs is famous and that the images would cause a stir. Important question: Why is written almost everywhere that Urs is married to Tania? Urs is not obligated to talk about it, but he must have in mind that the fans are confused.

  13. so quero ver Urs feliz a fazer aqueles olhinhos lindos e quando sorri as covinhas naquele rosto lindo a vida continua acho bem que ele se abra mais para as fãs nós da-mos o melhor para ele Sê feliz Urs

  14. I only hope this do not hurt Urs or his life;.. Like everyone say Urs is a private man and hi don’t say a lot about his intim life… I hope hi tells himselfs about it and not only this Kelly person… on the other hand,if hi is happy,i am to so i hope everyone is

  15. Bom, pelo visto nosso querido Urs ÉRA muito reservado quanto à sua vida pessoal… agora não é mais! que mudança…. estou impressionada! nada contra, claro. apenas durante anos me acostumei a vê-lo totalmente fechado em questões pessoais… seja feliz, meu lindo!

  16. Dear,

    You are right!
    Urs has always been very discreet and they have very different personalities, I say that even are opposite.
    Sarah Joy is supporting Kelly and this is natural, after all both are American and this contributes to the fact that they are close.
    I think Urs agrees with posts and both want to show that their relationship is real.
    We know that Urs not usually talk about his intimate life, then we have only Kelly’s version of the facts.

  17. He doesn’t need to talk or make a statememt cause Kelly and Sarah Joy are doing it for him, sure would be nice to see what he has to say, the so call private man is not so private anymore,wonder how he feels now to have his intimate life all over FB and Twitter, cause Kelly the party girl is not so private and not as sweet as everyone would like to think.

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