Che bei ragazzi!

Il Divo fez dois concertos, um em Belfast e outro em Dublin, e parte para o Reino Unido, dando prosseguimento à turnê européia.

A matéria abaixo foi publicada em um jornal local.

Che bei ragazzi,  d’accordo?

Il Divo in the Odyssey

Last night I did my duties as a good son and took my mum and her friend to see Il Divo at the Odyssey Arena. I was slightly naughty however as I didn’t tell them we were sitting right in the centre of the front row, can you imagine the excitement of 2 mature women sitting on the front row only 10 feet away from 4 hot men…..they were ready to throw their knickers on stage! Lucky they didn’t, as they admitted themselves that it would be like parachutes landing…ooooh, way to much information. I’ve only ever sat front row at 2 concerts before and they were both cringeworthy experiences, but this was entirely different. We actually felt like it was an exclusive private intimate show put on just for us. I was there pretty much surrounded by screaming women blowing kisses, holding up Kiss signs and throwing skimpy knickers on stage….and the boys loved it. At one point Carlos and Urs were laughing so much they almost forgot to sing. And what singing it was as well! They described themselves as half way between pop and opera with a bit of show tune thrown in for good measure as they worked their way through their albums, singing and making the girls scream. All of us nutters on the front 2 rows just had a laugh and the boys joined in the fun, which was a refreshing change from some of the shows we’ve seen, where they come on stage and barely even acknowledge they are in Belfast. So big thanks go out to Urs (the Swiss one), Sebastien (the French one), Carlos (the Spanish one) and David (the American one) for giving us a special, funny and memorable night out.




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