A cama, o norte magnético e o jogo malvado













A jornalista May Seah fez uma divertida entrevista com Urs Bühler e David Miller, em um quarto de hotel, com uma enorme cama de casal ao fundo, conforme matéria já divulgada aqui. Leiam, abaixo, a entrevista  completa com os divos suíço e  norte-americano (em inglês).

 David e Urs revelam que Chris Isaak não queria autorizar que Il Divo gravasse sua composição Wicked Game, mas foi convencido a liberá-la para gravação pela mãe dele, de origem italiana e fã do grupo. Simon Cowell também não aprovou, inicialmente, a escolha dessa canção para o repertório do novo álbum.

 David confidenciou que teve uma namorada no passado e era bastante infiel, e também que tinha problemas de insônia na faculdade e, um dia, mudou a cama de posição, voltando sua cabeceira para o norte magnético. Urs e a repórter ficaram céticos. Urs brincou, referindo-se à cama de casal do quarto de hotel onde estavam: “em uma cama como esta, você pode dormir de qualquer jeito”!

Il Divo’s two tenors, David Miller and Urs Buhler, ditch their dress code and divulge their dastardly deeds

Here’s the deal. I’ve always had a slight operatic bent and, needless to say, I also appreciate a well-cut suit on a man. Put the two together, and all the teasing in the world – mainly from my colleagues – won’t stop me from admitting that I like Il Divo. I see neither “opera” nor “pop” as dirty words, so I am accepting of Il Divo’s brand of “popera” – catchy tunes translated into harmonious vibratos that ricochet off your spine. And call me a sucker, but it doesn’t hurt that David Miller, Urs Buhler, Carlos Marin and Sebastien Izambard are such charmers, either.Which was why I was more than happy to spend 20 minutes in a Hong Kong hotel bedroom with Miller and Buhler. Mums love Il Divo – really

But I wasn’t quite prepared for Miller’s slightly self-deprecating, ironic response to my humbly expressed appreciation for the band.

“You’re a fan? Not your mum?” he queried. According to the 38-year-old, “my mum loves you” is the phrase the group hears most often.

“(They say) ‘Are you from Il Divo? Can I take a picture for my mum?'” elaborated Buhler.

And how do they usually respond?

“Absolutely,” said Miller.

“No, thank you,” deadpanned Buhler.

But, hey, mums have a lot of clout. Appealing to one particular mum was a trump card that worked very well for Il Divo when they recorded the title track for their latest album, Wicked Game. Miller said that the song’s composer, Chris Isaak, had initially been unwilling to allow Il Divo to rework his classic song.

“But we’re not very good at taking no for an answer,” the tenor explained. “Turns out that his mum is a fan of Il Divo. She convinced him to give us a shot at the song … But the provision was, she’s Italian and he wanted to hear the song in Italian.”

Despite the fact that Il Divo’s creator, Simon Cowell, “hated the idea” of doing the song, when they finally heard the finished track, Miller said it “was like the moment that we had when we first heard (our first hit) Unbreak My Heart – (everything) just fell into place”.

“We really haven’t felt that way since the first album,” added Miller.

“I am thrilled by this album,” Buhler asserted. “I think it’s the best album we’ve ever done. Every single track is fun to sing. It’s dramatic.” He pumped his fist. “It’s – uhhh! – physical! It’s got fwoar!”

This, of course, is coming from the guy who is known for being “the quiet one” in the group. (Funnily, the 40-year-old Swiss tenor was in a hyper mood that day. Maybe he was hopped up on … whatever operatic singers get hopped up on to keep their larynxes lubricated.)

Looking at the album cover though, one burning question immediately springs to mind: What’s happened to the suits – or rather the lack of suits? Is that – gasp – a pair of … jeans?

“Looks are important for Il Divo,” he conceded, after letting rip a loud and melodious guffaw. “You know, the way we’re dressed now (points to his shirt), I think we’re still well dressed. But not in black and white with a tie, because it’s not always necessary. It feels a bit liberating as well.”

“I think there’s been a certain amount of hiding behind the suits,” Miller mused thoughtfully. “Obviously, suits look good; we look pretty good in suits – it’s kind of a no-brainer. (But) if you’re in a tux all the time, that’s not special. If you do spend the day wearing nice clothes, but relaxed, then when you show up in a tux, that’s high class – super special. People go, ‘Oh, yeah, tuxedo time.’ If you wear a suit all day long, at the end of the day, you’re kind of in a crumpled suit!”

Being oh so wicked – or not

But did those dapper, clean-cut, straight-laced suits actually have a seedy underbelly? Could there possibly be some garden-variety bad boys hiding behind the facades of statuesque double-breasted gods? For instance, what was the most wicked thing these guys have ever done?

“If I think of ‘wicked’ in terms of, like, evil … I had a long-term girlfriend back in the day and I was highly unfaithful over the course of that relationship, and it’s something I terribly regret, because it was very hurtful and very, just, wicked – like not in a good way,” said Miller. “I don’t suppose I’ll go to jail for that …”

“You should!” interjected Buhler, before adding that he couldn’t elaborate on his own misdeeds. Furrowing his brow, he mused, “I’ve never done anything bad. Really, can’t give you anything.”

“You could! You just won’t. ‘Cos you’re a p**sy,” Miller accused. “You ever stab anybody’s tires or keyed a car?”

“No, of course not. Oh, we are so bloody boringly well-behaved, I tell you,” Buhler said.

“And the type of singing that we do requires a very fine edge of production of sound and a very, very subtle level of finesse that if you’re on something, you can’t achieve,” Miller said. “Even though it looks like we’re rock stars, and we’re kind of living the schedule of a rock star, but we don’t lead the lifestyle of a rock star.”

So no thrashing of hotel rooms, sex, drugs and Turandot? Fine. But who’s the biggest diva of Il Divo?

“I am, definitely,” said Miller immediately.

“Yeah, Dave is,” Buhler confirmed. “(Turns to Miller) You want your hotel bed facing in a certain direction!”

“When I went to college, I wasn’t sleeping well. And a friend told me, ‘What direction does your bed point? It should be pointing north.’ So I changed the position of my bed,” explained Miller.

“Immediately, I was sleeping better. And then I came to find out later on, it’s got something to do with the magnetics of the earth – the current goes in a certain direction from north to south, and the patterning of the brain actually goes through the … I don’t remember what it is, but it’s basically like swimming upstream or swimming downstream – which one’s easier? So if you’re pointing north, you’re swimming downstream.”

Buhler and I stared at him in silence.

“I don’t have to!” Miller protested. “I don’t change hotel rooms because it’s …”

Buhler interrupted, gesturing at the large double bed. “In a bed like this, you can lie any way you want, anyway!”

True, but isn’t that what got him into wicked trouble in the first place?

Il Divo’s Wicked Game is in stores now.


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