Entrevista divertida em Hong Kong

A jornalista May Seah, do jornal Star Gazing, de Hong Kong, publicou uma curta e divertida entrevista com David Miller e Urs Buhler, nesta semana.

Il Divo está na China para promover o novo álbum, Wicked Game.

A autora da matéria se declarou fã do grupo e foi fotografada com David e Urs com uma enorme cama de hotel ao fundo.

E brincou: “Relaxem, a cama é só um enfeite”!

A entrevista inclui também uma dica bem-humorada de David: um vídeo com um grupo  que faz uma sátira ao gênero da pop-opera, chamado 4tissimo.

Parabéns aos divos e à jornalista pelo bom humor!

Rubbing shoulders with Il Divo in Hong Kong!

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by May Seah
Published at 4:33 pm, October 13, 2011



Greetings and salutations, fellow stargazers! This is your Showbiz Sista back from hanging out with Il Divo in Hong Kong! Yes, Showbiz Sista isn’t ashamed of declaring herself a fan of the four “popera” singers in Armani – no matter how much her colleagues might make fun of her for it!

Relax, the bed’s just a prop

Il Divo is on the brink of releasing their fifth studio album, and David Miller and Urs Buhler were all excited about it when Showbiz Sista met up with them. The album is entitled Wicked Game, and the title track is an Italian re-working of the Chris Isaak classic.

“I don’t know why the album title is in English, ‘cos the song’s not in English,” David chuckled. “But I think it’s just to give a reference to (how) a lot of people know the song Wicked Game. Even though they don’t know that they know the song is called Wicked Game – ‘cos I didn’t even know it was called Wicked Game! I thought it was called I Don’t Want To Fall In Love!”

Urs was certain (as always!) that this is the band’s best album yet. “Funny enough, I was very, very convinced about our last album, The Promise, but people around me weren’t,” he said. “I love it, I think it’s a great album – but it was a bit dark, a bit heavy. This is much more…”

“It’s very well-rounded,” David put in. “Yeah,” said Urs. “It’s got a lot of shades; it’s got positive; it’s got a bit of melancholia in there, and everything. It’s great.”

Well, we’re saving up the juicy bits of this interview for the paper, so look out for the full story in the November 1st issue of TODAY, where Il Divo tell us about ditching the suits to bring on their A-game, their wickedest deeds, and who’s the biggest Divo.

Meanwhile, Showbiz Sista overheard David telling another journalist about an Il Divo parody group called “4tissimo”, which demonstrates why you won’t see Il Divo covering any of Lady Gaga’s hits any time soon. A quick search on youtube yielded some snort-worthy vids like this one!

Isn’t it great when we can all laugh at ourselves, secure in the confidence that we have already enjoyed global, chart-dominating success?

Showbiz Sista, signing out. Live long and pop corn!


Um pensamento sobre “Entrevista divertida em Hong Kong

  1. Adorei! obrigada por nos posicionar sempre a respeito dos queridos, amados e idolatrados Divos! Eles podem até ser copiados, mas jamais superados.

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