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Conforme trecho acima,  extraído do programa dos shows do Il Divo no London Coliseum, Urs Bühler resolveu falar um pouco de sua vida pessoal.

O divo suíco, além de gostar de sobremesas, especialmente os doces brancos e cremosos, conforme declarou no recente chat em vídeo com os fãs, adora também motocicletas e guitarras.

Ele comprou uma fazenda na França e se mudou para lá, onde habita uma antiga e grande casa, que está reformando, aos poucos. É um local bastante isolado, cercado de campos e montanhas.

Urs disse que não precisa ter sete Ferraris na garagem para estar bem. Ele se sente muito zen e sereno com a vida que leva.

Também foi publicada uma entrevista de Urs em que ele fala que comprou um moderno trator, para cuidar da grama de seu doce lar. As falas de Urs são entrecortadas por merchandising do produto e especificações técnicas.

A máquina parece ser muito boa (estou falando do trator!).

With a 30-acre estate to maintain, the tenor needs a mower as powerful as Pavarotti

'The 1600T is 100 per cent mower and I've been blown away by it,' said Urs Bühler‘The 1600T is 100 per cent mower and I’ve been blown away by it,’ said Urs Bühler

Touring the world is a fantastic experience, but as a man who loves to be active outdoors it can be hard spending so much time sitting down in airports, planes and hotel rooms.

I hate to sit still which, I guess, is why I bought an overgrown 150-year-old farmhouse in the rural French countryside. 

Surrounded by 30 acres of parkland and fields it offers complete tranquillity, but it’s still a wilderness.

When we first moved in, I invested in a small compact tractor with a removable mower. The tractor was handy for all sorts of jobs, but it didn’t do any of them especially efficiently.

The 1600T on the other hand is 100 per cent mower and I’ve been blown away by it.

I have all sorts of terrain on the farm – one field is particularly steep – but the mower’s low centre of gravity and extra-wide decks mean it can cope with a 20-degree downward incline without fear of toppling.

With so much undergrowth, I spend most of my time trying to keep on top of the weeds, but when I finally manage to restore the parkland I’ll be slowing the 1600T right down and making a very close, very neat championship course, or a decent football pitch.

In fact, the only problem I have these days is having too much time on my hands. The field that previously took three hours to mow now takes  me just 20 minutes. 

Leia a matéria completa no link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2021931/Il-Divos-Urs-B-hler-blown-away-John-Deere-1600T-mower.html#ixzz1UIicmmqz

Já publiquei aqui alguns posts que abordam temas relacionados ao estilo de vida de Urs, seus hobbies, suas preferências e da sua casa de campo:





Abaixo uma entrevista intitulada Urs Bühler on the phone from Paris onde ele fala um pouco a respeito de si :

WHEN YOU picture the members of Il Divo, the reigning kings of that rococo musical hybrid known as “popera,” it’s always with a classy sheen. The image is one of Armani suits, perfectly coiffed hair, and a regal air, in front of some suitably noble background, like Roman columns or a luxurious mahogany trimmed parlour.

That’s why it seemed a tad jarring when the group’s tenor Urs Bühler included John Deere and Stihl in his dedications on its new CD The Promise. All of a sudden you picture the suave Swiss singer riding a tractor and waving a chainsaw while wearing a tuxedo and crooning O Sole Mio.

“Yes, that’s exactly it,” laughs Bühler on the phone from Paris. “But I do have a bit of property down in the south of Europe, a summer house with a bit of land around, and it needs quite a bit of attention. That’s what I’m doing in the summer normally, when I get a bit of a holiday.

“And I like John Deere and Stihl because it’s quality equipment, it just works fantastic and gets the job done.”

At the moment, Bühler is spending more time with a microphone in his hand than power tools, as he and his cohorts — Spanish baritone Carlos Marin, American tenor David Miller and French vocalist Sebastien Izambard — continue to tour the world following the release of The Promise in November. On Tuesday night Il Divo kicks off its North American tour at the Halifax Metro Centre, returning here for the second time in two years.

Since debuting in 2005, Il Divo has released five albums and two concert DVDs, plus inspired a pair of books, making it look like the quartet’s manager Simon Cowell has been cracking the whip non-stop, but Bühler says they did reach a bit of a breaking point over a year ago.

“We had about eight months where we did practically nothing at all; a corporate show here and there and stuff like that,” says Bühler. We’d nip into the studio to record the occasional track, but we had at least half a year off before we really started to work on The Promise.

“That was great, we needed it. Before that we’d been working for three-and-a-half years non-stop, and we were all a bit exhausted.”

Even Cowell knows better than to kill the geese that lay the golden notes, and trained voices need their down time to decompress from stress of performing nightly and travelling daily.

“It’s true, especially in Europe, travelling becomes very draining when it seems you’re going to a different country every day,” he says. “You can’t relax straight after the show, you actually want to go to sleep and rest up for the next day’s performance, but with the adrenalin and everything you can’t get to sleep before two or three in the morning. That can get quite nerve-wracking when you have several days of that.

“But I never consider what we do as work. You travel around the world and you sing, and yeah, that can be physically . . . an effort, but you stand in front of the people and you make them feel good, and when the four of us are standing there on stage together you can feel it’s a good thing.

“It’s less about thinking ‘I need to go to work,’ or ‘I need some free time now.’ “

When he does have free time, Bühler, whose father was a carpenter, keeps an eye out for antiques, a passion that world travel can only help feed, as he gets a chance to check out the offerings of dealers in some of the oldest cities in the world. But he’s not a hoarder; instead it’s about picking the items that are just right.

“I bought a house about one-and-a-half-years ago, and before that I just had a nine-foot square storage locker in London,” he explains. “I had no furniture, no cutlery, and then I bought this house, which was completely redone, but I had to get new light fittings and all that kind of stuff.

“I only wanted to get stuff that I really loved; I didn’t want to buy items just because I needed them. I still haven’t got a dining table because I haven’t found the one that I want. It’s nice with all this travelling because since I’m not at home it doesn’t bother me, and being in all these different cities I can keep my eyes open for stuff that I like.”

The eye for fine antiques matches the Il Divo image, but Bühler’s musical past indicates an even broader musical palette, with a background that includes rock as well as his well-trained vocalising. The 37-year-old’s resume includes a heavy metal band called Conspiracy in his teenage years and he’s learned a variety of instruments since first developing an interest in music at the age of five.

“I don’t have any professional ambitions on electric guitar,” he explains. “It’s annoying, but there will be a time to play these things, and if not that means I’m busy otherwise and I’ll be happy as well. It’s alright, I enjoy these instruments very much, and even if I can’t devote myself to them as much as I’d like, every time I pick up a guitar I still have fun with it. That’s what it’s about for me … I just want to rock out.”

3 pensamentos sobre “Urs fala de seu estilo de vida

  1. Divas,

    Urs, apesar de falar pouco, sempre chamou minha atenção ao descrever seu modo de pensar e estilo de vida. As poucas falas de Urs, sem dúvida, contribuiram muito para me tornar uma fã do grupo. Lembro que ele foi o primeiro escolhido por Simon para compor o grupo. E não foi à toa. Urs reúne um conjunto de qualidades que fazem dele muito carismático.
    Il Divo reúne quatro pessoas dotadas de incrível poder carismático e aí reside a força de grupo. Toda esta atração que exercem sobre o público está respaldada nas experiências e personalidades de cada um, que se agregam formando um conjunto fantástico.
    Sempre digo que Il Divo não é um grupo de bonitões. Eles são homens bonitos, mas se inexistissem as qualidade individuais, ficaria difícil manter o grupo.
    Sou muito segura do que falo. Beleza passa, qualidades ficam.
    E Il Divo está aí, firme e forte, mais do que nunca!

  2. Thanks so much, dear, for this beautiful article, I love to get information about Urs as far as we don’t hear a lot from him:)
    It’s very interesting and entertaining:) Urs has a great sence of humor, don’t you think so?

  3. Alguém, por favor… tem o endereço dessa fazenda francesa?? 😉
    Brncadirinha gente!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Falando sério agora!!
    São desse tipo de notícias que as fãs do Urs sentem falta!! Ele não precisar entrar em detalhes de sua vida “privada”, mas é legal se ter algumas notícias suas, além do Il Divo!!
    Ele quer goste, queira ou não… é uma pessoa com imagem pública e isso sempre irá “atiçar” a curiosidade do seus fãs!!!
    Urs é camaleão mesmo… já imaginaram ele de macacão jeans em cima de um trator?!!!
    Hahahahah pirei com essa!!! X Demais 😀

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