It Is Only About The Music (by Jacqui Reidpath)

Abaixo, publico texto inédito,  escrito por Jacqui Reidpath, em que ela fala de sua admiração pelo Il Divo. Trata-se de um trecho editado pela autora especialmente para este blogue, e  retirado do  livro que está escrevendo.

Jacqui tem um incrível dom de descrever, em detalhes,  observações e sentimentos muito difíceis de expressar. Eu me deleito com seus textos transbordantes de minúcias e incrivelmente envolventes!

Agradeço muito a Jacqui pela colaboração e, sobretudo, pela figura humana que é.



Jacqui Reidpath


When music affects me very emotionally I am usually too moved to find all the right words all at once.
I have always been a deep thinker with an analytical mind, some might say, a bit too much! I have always been a people person and a passionate music lover so I guess in instances where it comes to analysing my own thoughts, I’ve dug pretty deep here.

I just think it helps to put that down on paper sometimes so that others perhaps get a different perspective and can add to it or relate in their own way. I have been writing now for over 35 years and I have found that being a dreamer helps.

The secret for me is imagery…once you have that, you can’t go wrong. Just lucky I am able to write this way because it is such a spiritual thing with me; I can only write when the vibe feels right. And I must confess, I am lucky enough to have been trained in freelance journalism from where I have learned some very valuable skills. I just love it and if you love it, it just flows naturally.

Although I have never been published in hard copy; I find the average journalism out there rather distasteful and so I opt for freelance. It should always be about personal choice in a specific comfort zone each writer has and this is how I have come to write about the greatest musical influence of my life since 2005.

In October of that year, my son called me to look at something on the television – it was a promotional clip for Ancora. I remember hearing these voices in a distracted way before I went to watch. What I saw just absolutely blew me away. I believe the first part of an Il Divo song I ever heard were the strains of Senza Catene but I may be wrong. I just know that my eyes and ears just went into sensory overload. From memory I believe I was just transfixed; rooted to the spot – you get the picture. One of those extraordinary experiences that is freeze-framed and forever etched in my memory.

The next time I heard Ancora was on Christmas Day two months later. My sister received it as a gift from her husband. And it is from that day on that my passion for Il Divo’s music has flourished.

Nurtured by the fathomless charisma of those four voices, with each new listen to any one of their songs, I am brought to an even deeper understanding of their music. Call it instinct. A permeation. The tentacles of which reached right into my soul and there they live, forever entwined. The richness of the orchestration, the quality of the songs but most of all – those voices.

I just couldn’t get enough of those voices. I had never heard anything so glorious ever in my life before and it is true to say, knowing Il Divo music has changed my life. In ways that I could have never imagined.

This book is one of those ways. The many friendships I have made through loving their music is another.

Because I could not say enough about their music on their Official Forum, the idea for a book was born; with the inspiration of nURSely, another Il Divo fan from there who specifically suggested I do this. Her support and admiration of my work has been truly touching and inspiring; along with several other very appreciative and supportive Il Divo Official Forum fans whom I will make special mention of in my Dedications and with whom I have become friends.

By now you are probably wondering, ‘why begin with their fourth album, Siempre? Why not start from their first album, Il Divo and work forwards, rather than backwards?’

The reason is very simple. It took me around 18 months to be able to find the right words to honour this album the way it deserved. To find all the adjectives and superlatives in a way that showcases their individual voices and the complex techniques displayed in Siempre as a whole.

With this album I see how truly formulaic they are and how this formula has been proven over and over again with each new album. It is this clever combination of instinct and musical nous that makes them best sellers. Easy to understand what drives their fans into frenzied fever pitch with the anticipation of yet another album, along with the promotional work and a concert tour following the release of that album.

The runaway success of Il Divo is well documented so I am not going to reiterate what has already been widely reported in the Press; except to say that, given the opportunity to interview them, there is a whole list of questions that I want to ask that no other interviewer has that I have seen – and I have read/listened to a lot of interviews.

So denied that opportunity, these are merely my observations. I feel sure there are many you would agree with.

This whole idea just evolved, really. Once I started writing, I just had every word I needed and had been wanting to say since the first listen. I knew what I loved about each song, each voice and the nuances in each song that kept me coming back to Siempre as my favourite Il Divo album of them all. At the time of writing, their new album has not been released but I daresay, that maybe in a year’s time, I will likely be writing a book about it as well. To this end, the next album review in this series will be Ancora, followed by Il Divo and The Promise.

One thing I have always loved and admired about Il Divo is that they always honour the original melody of a cover song. I love that the cover songs are sung in a foreign language with the same emphases as the English version. And not only that, have perfected their craft as crossover artists to such a degree that they have painstakingly and unerringly, formulated a rhythm in the way they structure each song so that we now know always what to expect.

Each time they step out on that stage we know they are going to deliver no matter what; the care they take with ensuring an encore-worthy performance. This is where all the hard work comes to the acid test, the real nuts and bolts.

I would rather they take six months to record an album than be on a time frame when either the inspiration is not there; the energy is not there or disseminated then potential complications within the industry create unforseen delays when the fans are screaming out for the next album. I believe that for a work of art such as we have consistently seen with Il Divo, indefinite time has to be taken to ensure the success and the marketability of their work.

Genius can’t be rushed and Rome wasn’t built in a day either – a Masterpiece requires Master Craftsmen and that is what we have here. So let them do their job; do it in their own time without outside pressure distracting their thought processes which in my opinion, is detrimental to their focus…and celebrate the success of their present albums.

It is all in the anticipation for the fans as for everyone else within their empire, for different reasons…but in the end, they call the shots because they are the artists and without them this wondrous planet we call Il Divo would not exist – simple as that. I have made many observations:

How each man has experimented a little more with his voice with each album, the risks they took in doing some of that but always achieving the consummate level of professionalism which each album is.

When I first saw the track listing for Siempre I was really excited. Two of those songs were Notte di Luce (Nights In White Satin) and Desde El Dia Que Te Fuiste (Without You). I thought that if they could pull off these covers to my expectations of the originals, I would be in heaven. Well, they not only did that, they surpassed it and then some.

Those two cover songs are the benchmark for the imagery I elaborate on in my analyses. And at the time I had all these feelings, all these sensations, thoughts and tactile responses that I just couldn’t find the words for. I just closed my eyes and really felt that music; every note, every treble clef, quaver, bass clef and Spanish guitar riff. I am so glad that Nights In White Satin is the opening track on this album. You just know in your heart of hearts that when you feel a song the same way every time you hear it, you can only listen to it again in absolute solitude to savour everything it is giving you: passion, warmth, sensuality, exhilaration.

Exquisite is what it is. The elitist type of music that can’t be surpassed by any other crossover artist, only emulated. Since Sarah Brightman there have been few new crossover artists to step up to the challenge. It is a new club with new blood and admirable talent but only a handful of those who have that goosebump factor –to me that is the mark of a very special artist.

Siempre is an album that will go down in musical history as one of the timeless classics and an epitome of cultural elegance.

I hope you will enjoy what for me will always be, a most blissful musical experience.

                                  Jacqui Reidpath
                                 Author (Il Divo Forum)                             


5 pensamentos sobre “It Is Only About The Music (by Jacqui Reidpath)

    • Sree,
      Jacqui did not publish the book yet. Next week I will publish a short biography and a new article written by her. These texts are available exclusively for this blog. I’m so proud of it.
      A hug for you and all the fans around the world.

  1. Karen,
    Jacqui is one of the most renowned of Il Divo admirers around the world. It is an honor to have a text by her on my blog.
    You, me and all fans have suffered much without official news.
    I’m sure Carlos, David, Sebastien and Urs will do everything they can to continue the fine work they did until last year. But the fact is that many things do not depend on them.
    The fans want them to know they are much loved by all and hope that they return as soon as possible.
    A hug.

  2. Thank you for this post. I adore Il Divo and have been aching for their next album. Now I will just replay the ones I have and be more patient while they work on the next one.

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