Carlos and Kim-romantic picnic in India

Neste artigo, publicado em 25 de Março de 2010, Kim Sharma fala, em resumo:

Que esteve com Carlos em Dubai ; que no verão passado os dois juntos foram para  Barcelona, Costa Brava e para a casa dele em Madri, ocasião em que conheceu a mãe e a irmã dele; que saboreou a tradicional Paella espanhola e que Regresa a Mi e a versão em italiano de Unchained Melody são canções muito especial para os dois.


And the very-much-in-love couple actor Kim Sharma and her beau Spanish musician Carlos Marin are hoping to take their romantic quotient further.

“We are working towards marriage,” says Kim. “That will be when the moment is right – hoping that happens soon,” she states.

Their story might seem straight out of a romance novel, with Spanish casas, candlelight dinners and love that blossomed with distance and time, having started in the unlikeliest of places – aboard an airplane.

“It was an instant attraction!” she grins. “We were seated next to each other on a long flight – Toronto to London. We got talking and actually chatted on for eight hours!” she admits.

Work drew them apart only to bring them together again. “We were both in Dubai for our respective work and when we managed to meet briefly, Carlos had actually arranged a romantic dinner for us. It was lovely!” Since then, they have gotten closer to each other. When he asked her to come to London for his next show, Kim had a pleasant surprise.

“I didn’t realise how big his band was until I saw the packed crowd who had come to watch. And the best part is that Carlos was so unaffected by the fame. He is a very humble person,” she says.

“We both love eating, sleeping and shopping. Last summer I went to Barcelona, Costa Brava and to Carlos’ home in Madrid and met his mother and sister.You know, both Indian and Madrid cultures are so similar. Carlos relates the paella (a traditional Spanish dish) to our biryani. He says it’s similar to the dishes they have there. I think the people are similar to Indians, very warm and welcoming. He is also teaching me to speak Spanish.”

Do they have a special song together? “Oh yes, it’s Regresa A Mi – an Italian version of Unchained Melody. It’s so beautiful and moving. Carlos loves to serenade me,” she smiles.

Observo que o jornalista parece ter feito uma confusão – Regressa a Mi não é uma versão em italiano de Unchained Melody –  e sim Senza Catene. Suponho que Kim tenha dito Regressa a Mi e a versão italiana de Unchained Melody.

2 pensamentos sobre “Carlos and Kim-romantic picnic in India

  1. El picnic no es en la India porque todas las personas que aparecen en segundo plano son occidentales. La foto no puede ser de Mumbai. En internet se ve la foto completa, aquí está recortada, tal como apareció en DNA India el 25-03-2010.

    • Lisi,
      Yo no sé de dónde se tomó la foto. Puede ocurrir que la foto fue tomada por alguien cercano a ellos. Sólo sé que el artículo fue escrito por Ismat Tahseen – DNA. El hecho es que son muy cómodos, ¿no? Besos.

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